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Patriarch: Praying is Perfection, Loving God is Life

"...there is nothing more perfect than the prayer that a person addresses to God for the good of his neighbors and the salvation of the world..."

"God came into the world and incarnated to show what is healthy and what is right, because whenever one of us commits a sin, he has no peace in himself. Sin brings unrest and disharmony to man. Then the inner being of man was disturbed, but the Lord came to show us what is good and what is evil. The Lord came into the world as love. Love for God and neighbor is the meaning of our life. When we love the Lord and when He is in the first place, everything will be fine. When we love God, we live according to His commandments. When we love God our life cannot be wrong. The Lord calls for love and He rejects all pride, sin and hatred, the Patriarch pointed out." (Quotes and photo courtesy of The Serbian Orthodox Patriarchate Serbian Orthodox Church [Official web site] (

These words from Patriarch Porfirije inspire us to pray, to honor God, and to live as He taught us to live.

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