We will be hosting pilgrimages and seminars beginning in 2021.
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Our Objective

The Monastery of the Mother of God, Joy of All Who Sorrow seeks to reinvigorate the role of personal and communal prayer because we believe that the recovery and advancement of the ancient and venerable spirituality as seen through Sacred Scripture; as understood by the Church Fathers and Mothers; as expressed in the Divine Liturgy; and as witnessed in Eastern Christian prayer is essential to the acquisition of the Holy Spirit and therefore, to the very life of salvation itself.

Our Director

Rev. Fr. Thomas (Colyandro) is a priest, confessor, spiritual director, and professor who has led retreats; facilitated prayer and spirituality seminars, and taught graduate courses in spiritual theology, eschatology, ecclesiastical history, comparative religion, and leadership in adult faith formation at multiple universities. He has written and/or edited numerous books and articles in theology and spirituality; and has given radio interviews on these same subjects. Fr. Thomas' doctoral research has centered on the confluence of silence and sacrifice in spiritual fatherhood and motherhood in the Orthodox Church.

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Orthodox Monastery of the Mother of God, Joy of All Who Sorrow

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