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Pilgrimages and Programs

We will announce upcoming programs through the news section on the homepage.
For information and reflections on the
Eastern Christian contemplative tradition, please visit


Our Objective

The Monastery of the Mother of God, Joy of All Who Sorrow seeks to renew and deepen the role of personal and communal prayer because we believe that the recovery and advancement of the ancient and venerable spirituality as known through Sacred Scripture; as understood by the Church Fathers and Mothers; as expressed in the Divine Liturgy; and as witnessed in the Eastern Christian contemplative tradition -- is essential to healing, union with Christ, and the acquisition of the Holy Spirit.

Our Director

Rev. Dr. Thomas Colyandro is an Orthodox priest, confessor, retreat master, and writer who has given over 175 talks at parishes, monasteries, conferences, and seminars. He has written and/or edited books and articles in spirituality and theology and has been interviewed frequently regarding these same subjects. Fr. Thomas’ work has centered on his original concept of an “uncreated silence,” which exists through the Holy Spirit, can be heard in silent prayer, and is fostered by spiritual relationships. He is the director of the theology program at St. Athanasius College and was the assistant director of the Center for Faith & Culture at the University of St. Thomas. He has taught graduate courses in spirituality, theology, ecclesiastical history, comparative religion, and leadership in adult faith formation at multiple universities.

Our Two Basic Programs

Online. We will be offering digital content and providing forums for contemplative conversations where pilgrims can grow in their understanding of silent prayer, which fosters the acquisition of the Holy Spirit and helps you to grow in union with Christ. 

Group and Personal Pilgrimage. Once we have built a larger meeting space on the property, we will be able to host parish groups, youth groups, community groups, students, and individuals. Those who come will find opportunities to reflect, heal, learn, and seek by participating in liturgical services, working on the property, and, most importantly, being silent in order to foster the acquisition of the Holy Spirit and grow in union with Christ. 

The following is a general schedule, which can be adapted to suit particular needs.


9:00 am Orientation
9:30 am  Liturgy or Guided Prayer

11:00 am Meal
12:00 pm First Talk with Q&A
12:45 pm Opportunity for silence, confession and exploring the grounds
1:45 pm  Second Talk with Q&A
2:30 pm Tea, coffee, and other basic refreshments with conversation

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