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Aid for Christians in Gaza, Holy Land

Christians of Gaza and the Holy Land have been caught in the middle of conflict for years. Recent events have resulted in serious dangers and extreme difficulties. Many are displaced, wounded, and otherwise in need as a result of the current war.

Please donate to the humanitarian efforts of The Holy Orthodox Order of Saint George the Great Martyr to assist the Orthodox Church in Gaza and all civilians in that area during this time of great suffering. For more information, please contact the Order directly.

- Abbot Mark

Also from their website:

The Order is also seeking to offer general relief to their neighbors, just as His Eminence, Archbishop Alexios of Tiberias in Gaza is offering shelter to all who are in need. "We are," as he says, "all children of God, and no one will be turned away." Children and families will need their basic needs met, and we would like to also help with comfort items like toys and stuffies for the affected children.

This photo was downloaded on 18 Oct 2023 from the Order's website.

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