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Finishing the Chapel

The newest acquisitions for the Chapel of St. Mardarije are an artophorion for the reserved Holy Gifts, made in the metal workshop of St. Elisabeth's Convent in Minsk, Belorus, along with two veils to cover it, sewn in their ecclesiastical sewing atelier.

A recent generous donation from a family in Idaho has made it possible to begin to plan for the finishing of the interior of the chapel. Please keep in your prayers and thoughts this important project. Once the chapel is finished, we will be able to begin making our presence known in the community, as we'll have a temple that looks more like the House of God and less like the stable in Bethlehem.

These days are hard for all of us, but, while money can be tight, prayer and sharing our needs with others make a significant contribution to our work. Through prayer, God works wonders and sends many blessings, every day. Our monastic community grows on miracles all the time. May the Lord bless you with His love and benevolence in these times of many challenges to our Orthodox Church, our Orthodox Faith and our Orthodox Life.

To donate, you can use this direct link or the PayPal button at the bottom of our homepage: Orthodox Monastery Monteagle Tennessee (

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